With more than 30 years of service reputation, Ashley Martin is a family business that has been a major player in the retail, design and shopfitting environment throughout the UK, Europe and Ireland.  And was in a recent project in Cork, where Ashley Martin contacted Roclec Electrical Services for an electrical shopfitting service and upgrading look to Care Plus Pharmacy in Little Island because they wanted some fast and reliable local registered electrical contractor to work with in this project.

When the operation started, Ashley Martin sent on drawings for us to look at the details of the robots, communication cabling, lighting, sockets, general power and earthing of the installation. But the most important thing was to have the existing pharmacy not down.

So considering all this objectives, there was a team of four of our registered electricians working quick and with little disruptions to don’t affect the customer service provided by the pharmacy to their clients. We worked very early and late night hours in conjunction with Ashley Martin at all times.

Our own Roclec QS (Quantity Surveyor) priced the job with the client, so there was a lot of personal touch with the customer to make sure they were going to be looked after all the time; plus all the communication and planning with the customer while things were changing compare to the original drawings (these things happen!).

Finally, we had to issue Safe Electric certification to the electrical installations aswell. The job was delivered on time and the customer was very happy.

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