Specialising in the supply of chemicals, food ingredients and high-end paints, Carbon Group has evolved to become a progressive business that we in Roclec are happy to call as one of our customers. What we basically do in their premises located in Ringaskiddy, is the electrical maintenance in hazardous areas.

A couple of years ago Carbon approached us through word of mouth and by the recommendation of other companies, as they were looking for some reliable electrical company to work with in Cork. Because they work with hazardous chemicals, they needed an electrical contractor with high expertise in working in EX (explosive atmospheres) and hazardous areas. So our industrial electricians – with a wide range of knowledge in electrical environment- started looking after their premises.

Our electricians are on site weekly, doing all the electrical maintenance in the EX zones, Tank Farms, Food and Ingredients area, Laboratories and Warehouses, to name a few.

Works we carry out are Electrical Distribution, PPM (Periodic Preventative Maintenance), Reactive Maintenance, Instrumentation (i.e , flow meters, batchers, pressure switches, IS panels, etc.).

We have created a very professional and helpful relationship with Carbon Group, and they are very good to deal with. They appreciate the service by us without having us all the time on site, thanks to a constant coordination with the engineers and staff to help their business to run smoothly.  

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