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EV Home Charger

By March 16, 2023No Comments

We at Roclec are very happy to announce that we are supplying and installing EV Car Chargers in home and businesses. Ranging from 7KW single phase to 22KW three phase.

How do we help?

Once we get contacted by our clients, we give them a list of EV Chargers that we can supply and fit. We start assessing the electrical supply to the property. Then we confirm the preferred location of the EV Charger at the house or business, usually near the entrance of the property. After, we install the necessary cables neatly from the EV Charger to the Electrical Distribution Board. This is always carried out under safety protection including RCBO’s (the trip switch that saves people’s lives).

Then we do a pre-test to make sure all is safe, so we can move forward and energise the EV Charger. We carry out testing and commissioning, making sure the EV is charging correctly. We also submit an electrical safety certificate.

We can help our clients to get an EV Charger SEAI grant by submitting our paperwork.

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